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Meat & Seafood

The freshness of our meats 100% Canadian from farms and butcheries of high caliber as  well as our competitive prices make our meat section as one of the busiest among  consumers. Indeed, rigorously cut beef, chicken well wrapped, and pork carefully packed,  are the most demanded meats. During seasonal periods, Marché Hawaï offers lobsters from  Nova Scotia at the most competitive price in this market sector. During spring period, snow  crabs freshly caught in the Gaspe Peninsula become part of your dinner.  You can find a full sub-section of beef from Quebec, more precisely beef shin, beef bones,  flank steak, ground beef, sirloin, beef tongue, beef tendon, and much more.  Furthermore, our pork sub-section contains pork belly, pork ham, pork bones (neckbone),  pork knuckle, pork stomach, pork tongue, pork liver, pork rat, pork kidney, pork ears, etc.  In our poultry sub-section, a   full range of chicken products such as whole chicken, chicken  legs, chicken drumsticks,   chicken wings, chicken gizzards, chicken livers and chicken  carcasses for your broth can   be easily found. In addition, you will find frozen poultry products  such as whole duck, duck   wings, duck legs, chickens grain (Loong Kong chicken and  Wingtat chicken), silky   chicken, quail, etc.  Our last meat sub-section is composed of all kinds of meatballs, lamb slices, frozen beef, which are ideal for a tasty hot pot. Besides, we  have a variety of Vietnamese sausage (cha in Vietnamese) already cooked and ready to serve as an accompaniment with your favorite  dishes.
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